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Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort
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Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to own a piece of Lake Tahoe's rich heritage with the Mourelatos Lakefront Resort. Situated on over 20 pristine acres of prime Lake Tahoe real estate, this iconic family-owned resort offers unparalleled redevelopment potential.

Nestled on approximately 3.2 acres with 275 linear feet of sandy Lake Tahoe Beach in Tahoe Vista, California, Mourelatos Lakefront Resort is a gem of the region. Boasting 32 hotel units, a luxurious 4-bedroom residence, and a sprawling sandy beach adorned with three buoys, this highly acclaimed resort promises an unforgettable experience.

Adjacent to the resort lies a 5.9-acre mixed-use site, featuring 17 multiple-family dwellings, a campground with eight RV connections, bathrooms, and a charming commercial ice cream shop. Above this site, discover an additional 12.12 acres of Tahoe Forested land, offering coveted recreational opportunities to complement any future revitalization of the Mourelatos Lake Resort.

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of Lake Tahoe's history and create an unforgettable legacy for generations to come.

Mourelatos History

For over half a century, Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort has stood as a cherished family legacy, transcending its status as a mere lakeside retreat. Nestled amidst the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, this very popular resort serves as a sanctuary where generations of families converge to craft enduring memories.

Within its secluded confines, laughter reverberates among the towering pines, while the soft sands of the private beach beckon visitors to embark on barefoot adventures. Here, amidst the gentle embrace of the forest, families return year after year, drawn by the allure of shared moments and cherished traditions.

The resort's rich history traces back to 1942 when Thomas James laid its foundational stones, establishing a legacy of hospitality that would endure for decades. However, it was a pivotal moment in January 1978 that forever altered its course. Andreas and Mary Mourelatos, captivated by the pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe, embarked on a transformative journey to claim this idyllic haven as their own.

Throughout triumph and tragedy, the Mourelatos family poured their hearts into the resort, sculpting it into a beacon of warmth and hospitality. From the ashes of the devastating fire of 1994 arose a renewed dedication to excellence, as meticulous renovations breathed new life into the cherished retreat.

Today Mourelatos Lakefront Resort is financially thriving, as one of North Shore's most popular 3-star resorts with 4.6 stars on google. It remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving the dream forged over 50 years ago—a haven where families and friends can revel in the embrace of Greek hospitality amidst the unparalleled beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Join Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, where every moment serves as an opportunity to honor the enduring bonds of family, togetherness, and the cherished memories that unite us all.

Property Details


Parcel 1

 The Properties consist of three individual parcels of land.  APN 117-072-013 (“Parcel 1”) is a lakefront property located at 6834 North Lake Boulevard and comprising approximately 3.2 acres of land including 275 linear feet of beach frontage.  


The Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort (MLR) on Parcel 1 includes 32 hotel units housed in four separate buildings, an office and residence housed in a fifth building, 33 parking spaces, 32,242 sf of existing land coverage, landscaping and hardscape and three legally existing mooring buoys.

 Parcel 2

 APN 117-071-028 (“Parcel 2”) is located at 6835 North Lake Blvd directly across from Parcel 1 and comprises approximately 5.9 acres of land.  Parcel 2 contains a mix of uses including 19 multiple-family dwellings (MFDs), 17 active and nine banked transient lodging units, a campground with eight RV connections and bathrooms, and a commercial ice cream shop.  Parcel 2’s 15 structures and asphalt and dirt driveways and parking areas equate to 47,459 sf of land coverage. 

Parcel 3

 APN 112-050-001 (“Parcel 3”) is an undeveloped property comprising approximately 12.66 acres of land located north of Parcel 2. Parcel 3 is undeveloped. 

 The Properties are all located within the Tahoe Basin Area Plan but in three distinct zoning districts each of which prescribes the permissible uses and development standards applicable to properties located therein.  Parcel 1 is located in the Mixed-Use Community Center West (MU-CCW) Subdistrict.  Parcel 2 is located in the Mixed-Use Gateway West (MU-GW) Subdistrict.  Parcel 3 is located in the Tahoe Estates Subdistrict.

Development Opportunity

Residential Uses

 Permissible residential uses on Parcels 1 and 2 include single-family dwelling (SFD) at a density of one unit per parcel and MFD at a density of 15 units per acre.  However, up to two accessory dwelling units (ADUs) may be permitted on each as accessory uses when the primary use is SFD or MFD.  SFD and MFD uses are deemed allowed (denoted by an “A”) on Parcels 1 and 2 if 100 percent of the units are deed restricted to affordable, moderate or achievable housing as those terms are defined in Section 90.2 of the TRPA Code.  Allowed uses are permitted at staff level.  Residential uses that include market rate products require a minor use permit (MUP).  MUPs require a public hearing before the County Zoning Administrator. 

 Permissible residential uses on Parcel 3 are limited to SFD as an allowed use at a density of one per parcel with up to two ADUs. 

 Tourist Accommodation Uses

 Permissible tourist accommodation uses on Parcels 1 and 2 include bed and breakfast facilities (“B&Bs”); hotels, motels and other transient dwellings (“hotels”) and timeshares.  B&Bs are an allowed use and have a maximum density of 10 units per acre.  Hotels and timeshares have a maximum density of 40 units per acre where less than 10 percent of the units have kitchens and 15 units per acre where 10 percent or more of the units have kitchens.  Hotels with up to 20 units are subject to an MUP; hotels with 20 or more units require a conditional use permit (CUP).  CUPs require a public hearing before the County Planning Commission.  Timeshares require a CUP. 

 No tourist accommodation uses are permissible on Parcel 3.

  Commercial Uses 

 Eating and drinking places, food and beverage retail sales and general merchandise stores are allowed uses on Parcels 1 and 2.  Additional allowed uses on Parcel 1 include mobile vendors, personal services and professional offices.  Amusements and recreation services, privately owned assembly and entertainment and outdoor amusements are permissible on Parcels 1 and 2 subject to a CUP.  Commercial uses are not subject to maximum density standards.   

No commercial uses are permissible on Parcel 3.

 Recreation Uses

 Allowed recreation uses on Parcels 1 and 2 include day use areas, beach recreation and outdoor recreation concessions, while participant sports facilities, such as a beach club, are subject to an MUP.  None of those uses are subject to maximum density standards. Developed campgrounds at a density of 8 sites per acre are permissible on Parcel 2 subject to a CUP, and group facilities are permissible on Parcel 2 at a density of 25 persons per acre subject to an MUP. 

 Day use areas and riding and hiking trails are allowed recreation uses on Parcel 3, and participant sports facilities are permissible on Parcel 3 subject to an MUP. 


Subject to applicable development standards and agency approvals, the development potential of the Properties are:. 

 Parcel 1

 Parcel 1 could be redeveloped with a primary SFD and up to two ADUs or up to 22 MFD units in one or more buildings.  

 Parcel 1’s redevelopment opportunities also include a 15-unit B&B in one or more buildings or a 60-unit hotel or timeshare project with less than ten percent of the units having kitchens.  

Parcel 1’s 32 TAUs could be redeveloped or remodeled with kitchens in every unit.  However, no additional units with kitchens could be permitted since existing density exceeds the permissible density of 22 TAUs.  

 A restaurant and bar or a spa / wellness facility could be developed on Parcel 1 as either a primary use or an accessory use to the existing tourist accommodation use.  

Parcel 1 could be developed with one or more retail stores.  A beach and swim club could also be developed on Parcel 1. 

 Located in a mixed-use subdistrict, a mix of commercial or recreation and tourist accommodation or residential uses are encouraged on Parcel 1.  

 Parcel 2

 At 5.9 acres, Parcel 2 could be developed with up to 88 MFD units in a number of buildings, a B&B with up to 59 units or a hotel or timeshare project with up to 236 units provided less than ten percent have kitchens.  Up to 88 hotel or timeshare units, ten percent or more having kitchens, could be developed on Parcel 2.  

 Similar to Parcel 1, a restaurant and bar could be developed on Parcel 2 as either a primary use or an accessory use to the existing tourist accommodation use. A spa / wellness facility could be developed on Parcel 2 only as an accessory use to the existing or redeveloped primary use(s).  

Parcel 2 could be developed with retail stores.  A participant sports facility such as tennis courts or a swim and tennis club could also be developed on Parcel 2.  Parcel 2 is also located in a mixed-use subdistrict where mixed uses are encouraged. 

 Parcel 3

 Under the current zoning, Parcel 3 could be developed with a primary SFD and up to two ADUs.

Vacation Home Rentals (VHR)

Developing tourist accommodations instead of residential uses would afford greater flexibility to short-term rent for sale condominiums as they do not require a short-term rental permit in Placer County.


 Resting on the California-Nevada border, just 180 miles northeast of San Francisco, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. Spanning 22 miles in length and 12 miles in width, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe have earned it the reputation of being one of the world’s most beautiful bodies of water. This prime year-round destination is not only a feast for the eyes but also a paradise for those seeking adventure and tranquility.

Lake Tahoe enjoys abundant sunshine, with an average of 300 sunny days per year and comfortable summer temperatures averaging 75 degrees. This idyllic weather, combined with a seasonal snowfall exceeding 350 inches, creates a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting the largest concentration of ski resorts in North America, Tahoe is a skier’s paradise, offering world-class slopes and breathtaking winter landscapes.

With approximately 15 million visitors annually and eight million people living less than a half-day's drive away, Lake Tahoe is a vibrant, accessible destination. This unique combination of natural beauty, favorable climate, and recreational opportunities makes Lake Tahoe the perfect location for your next real estate investment. Explore the unparalleled lifestyle and endless possibilities awaiting you in this iconic destination.


Nestled on the serene northern shores of Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Vista, California, is a charming community that perfectly balances the beauty of nature with the comforts of modern living. Renowned for its stunning lakeside views, tranquil beaches, and vibrant community spirit, Tahoe Vista offers an unparalleled real estate opportunity for those seeking a slice of paradise.

Tahoe Vista is a haven for nature lovers, with its crystal-clear waters, lush forests, and panoramic mountain views. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of lakeside living, where each day offers an inspiring adventure. Whether it’s a sunrise over the lake or a peaceful stroll along the shore, Tahoe Vista is a place where you can truly connect with nature.

Tahoe Vista is a gateway to a wide array of outdoor activities. In the summer, enjoy swimming, boating, paddleboarding, and fishing on Lake Tahoe’s pristine waters. Hiking and biking trails abound, offering endless opportunities for exploration. Winter transforms Tahoe Vista into a snowy wonderland, with nearby ski resorts providing world-class skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing experiences.


Lake Tahoe is in the midst of a complete regional transformation of its town centers, hospitality, and resort offerings. A long-awaited code amendment in December 2012 opened the door to limited and environmentally conscious redevelopment throughout the basin. Starting in the past decade, a significant transformation began and continues to evolve Tahoe into a premier resort destination that attracts a multitude of visitors worldwide. Over the last several years, the area has seen over $1 billion in redevelopment, including an influx of high-end residential developments and upscale hospitality, resulting in increased demand for amentized lodging and services, fine dining, and exclusive retail shops.

In addition to the revitalization of the Cal Neva, Tahoe Biltmore and Larry Ellison’s planned renovation of the Hyatt Hotel in Incline Village, the Tahoe Basin has planned revitalized projects throughout each of its four Counties. On the South Shore, the newly purchased and remodeled Margaritaville Hotel just opened, the long-awaited Tahoe Blue Event Center opened in the fall of 2023 and Tilman Fertitta’s hospitality group just purchased the Hard Rock Casino with plans for $200 million dollar renovation. On the West Shore, JMA partners and Discovery Land have a proposed revitalization of Homewood. On Northshore, several projects are also in the planning stages, such as Tahoe City Lodge, Boatworks and in the Tahoe Vista/Kings beach area, we are seeing several boutique hospitality/residential projects underway.



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